Caring for the local community.

At Gabec, we believe that a thriving company is not just about producing high-quality goods. It also involves socially and environmentally responsible development policies that care for the well-being of employees and the local community. To contribute to our common pursuit of social innovation, we have become a sponsor of the Main Library of the University of Technology and Humanities University in Radom.

As part of the Radom Metal Cluster initiative, we support talented and skilled youth by providing practical vocational training together with the Henryk Dobrzański Vocational School Complex in Radom, which allows young people entering the job market to gain professional experience under the guidance of the best specialists in the industry. As members of the Cluster, we provide starter packs for first-year vocational school students, and we award financial prizes to the most talented students in grades I-III for their achievements.

Since we want to take part in the daily successes of the local community, appreciate and support people who inspire others with their talents, Gabec sponsors the local girls’ volleyball team “Radomka,” proudly supporting every one of their successes.

Our company’s implemented business strategy is based on the CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) strategy promoted by the Industrial Development Agency JSC, believing that people are the foundation of every business.