Every element matters, the quality management at Gabec is based on real-time process control.


We create our products by improving the efficiency and effectiveness of manufacturing processes. The quality in our company is defined by customer requirements. It is crucial that these are correctly identified and compiled into a detailed and coherent APQP product quality plan. The technical specification, along with the OEM-specific requirements, form the milestones of each implementation, considered as an individual project. At Gabec, we operate on the basis of the TQM Quality Management System, which combines the ISO 9001, IATF 16949, and ISO 14001 systems into a single process approach.
Certifications: ISO 9001IATF 16949ISO 14001


In addition to procedures that ensure smooth material flow, from the input of steel to delivery to the assembly line, the quality of our products is achieved through simple and effective communication channels. Our ERP system integrates all operational areas of our company in a systematic way, reducing the possibility of operator error to an absolute minimum and enabling the full manufacturing history for each product to be reconstructed. Thanks to EDI communication capabilities, we are able to serve our global customers regardless of the location of their facilities.


Our customers are an inspiration for continuous improvement, contributing to our dynamic growth. We make the same effort as our suppliers – we cascade all requirements down to them, constantly monitoring every stage of production. We are aware that the reliability of the mechanism is determined by all its components, so when selecting our partners, we make sure that they understand, share, and apply the principles defined by our customers. The production process of each product is supervised continuously, based on rigorous control plan standards that implement the assumptions of the earlier FMEA analysis.


The safety of our products is crucial to us. Their quality is controlled in our internal measurement laboratory. Production of our screws, rivets, bushings, and other products must be consistent with the available expertise, in addition to the technical specifications and prevailing standards. We monitor the statistical capability and stability of the production process, measure hardness, check the structure, supervise the surface class, tear, and destroy – we do everything to ensure that the final product is 100% compliant.